Are MAC lipsticks worth the cost?


As you can tell from the title today I am going to be talking about MAC lipsticks and are they worth the price? In the U.K a MAC lipstick I going to set you back £14.00 at the moment, I believe this is quite a lot of money but as I LOVE lipsticks I don't mind parting the cash to buy one. 
A MAC lipstick contains 3.0g of product were as a Rimmel lipstick will cost you  £4.99 for 4.0g of product, so should you splurge  on a £14.00 Lipstick?
In my opinion MAC lipsticks are worth the money as they are extremely long lasting, they are highly pigmented ,they are a luxurious product and they have stylish functional packaging which you would expect from a higher ended lipstick.

The three MAC lipstick I own L-R Chatterbox, Dark side & Russian Red

Russian red:

This is a deep but not dark shade of red with slight blue undertones that make teeth appear whiter. It is in a Matte finish which I personally like although it can feel drying on the lips. This product is best when used on top of a lip liner, I use an MUA one that I picked up for £1.00in super drug. If you don't like drying lipsticks this is not the red for you as although it can be sheered out by first applying a lip balm this makes its staying power much less, if you still however want a MAC red Cockney is a slight lighter colour but in a Lustre finish, and Dare is a darker colour in a cremesheen finish.


Chatterbox is my only pink lipstick by MAC and it is a Bright red-pink toned colour which is in an Amplified finish. Chatterbox will give you a wearable version of 'barbie pink' lips as it is not too bright a colour and will look great in the summer. Out of Matte and Amplified finishes I prefer Amplified as they are not at all drying on the lips, they are long lasting and, they give the pigmentation that a Matte lipstick would give you. 

Dark Side:
This is my newest lipstick from MAC and it is a staple colour in my Autumn/Winter makeup collection.
Dark Side is a Dark Burgundy colour which is perfect for a vampy lip, it is also in an Amplified finish.
I love Dark Side as it is Dark but I find it a more wearable colour than Diva (which I tried in store) for people with a light medium skin tone. However as this colour is so dark I like to use a lipliner and apply using a lip brush.

I believe these are product that are worth splurging on as your lipstick gives an instant boost and the right shade can make any outfit.  I also feel a lot more confident when wearing one of these lipsticks as I know it is going to look good and I won't have to constantly re-apply throughout the day or get left with embarrassing lipstick lines which some lower branded lipsticks have given me.
Please feel free to comment below if you have a question or tell me what brand your favourite lipstick is and in what colour

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