Get to know me!


I love to know more about the people I am reading posts from so I thought I'd share some facts about me with you guys.
1. I'm 16.

2. I live in the southwest of England.

3.I am currently doing my GCSE's ( my first exam is on the 13th of may so I am sorry if posts are short as i'm busy revising and stuff.)

4. The subjects I chose to study were, French, History, Geography and Art which I had my exam of today.

5.I have ombre hair,which my friend Ellie of 'The lipstick the girl and her wardrobe' encouraged me to do.

6.I would love to live in Canada at some point in my life.

7. I don't like vegetables, which is a bad thing.

8.I'm a huge slob, my room is NEVER tidy.

9. My favourite film is LOTR( especially Return of the King).

10. I would chose Lipstick over Eyeliner but Eyeliner over foundation( sorry if that was confusing.)

11.Bridge to Terabithia never fails to make me cry, If you haven't seen it you need to.

12. Im a huge Pokémon and Harry Potter fan- I'm a Gryffindor what are you?

13. I'm a Dog person and my Favourite breed is Newfoundlands.

14. I'm an Mac not PC.

15. Studio Ghibli films are amazing.

16. My favourite Science is Chemistry.

17. I wear Glasses .

18. My favourite sports are, swimming, cycling, badminton and skiing.

19.I collect hats.

20. I can't stand slow walkers!

So that was 20 facts about me, but if you still want to know more you can watch my 50 facts about me video.

I hope you all have a great week, I will be revising and relaxing after my 5 hours of art today!
I have an non-school uniform day on friday so weather permitting I will have a outfit post up then.
I'd love to know something about you so please comment below with a fact or two.

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