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Hey guys, I hope you have all had a great weekend/ Bank holiday last week, I took advantage of the brief hot weather (highs of 19*c) by sunbathing and doing my History revision in the garden whilst listening to Mother Monsters Born this Way Album, and on the Sunday I went shopping to help get my mum an outfit for my cousins wedding and I ended up getting a few things as well!

In Mac I bought an eyeshadow that I need for my prom makeup and that is amber lights. It is a beautiful golden orange colour and I'm sure I'm going to be able to use it in lots of looks.

The second Item I bought was the Barry M nail art pen in white, this was a spur of the moment buy as I have wanted a white nail art pen for ages and then It was just there telling me to buy it so I did!

Sally Hansen Hard as nails. I have been looking for a nail strengthener for ages now as my nails have always been weak and they crack all the time. When I was looking into which one to buy I couldn't find many reviews out there, however In the end I went for this one as sally Hansen is a good brand and it wasn't to expensive. I will be doing a. Review on it in around 3-4 weeks when I have had the chance to use it properly.

I think everyone needs a black nail varnish in there life, its a staple like shoes and body spray, however I have found myself without one for the last 5 months and finally decided to sort this out. The nail varnish I chose was Rimmel's Black Cab in 080- This nail varnish was very cheap for £2.99 . Since I have bought this product I have used it once and I must say I was a little disappointed as the formulation of the product meant it didn't gild onto my nails as smoothly as my Barry M nail varnishes do, however I was wearing 2 layers of my Sally Hansen hard as nails as well so this may have effected this.

The last item I bought was the Lee Stafford BREaKiNG HAir LEaVE iN TREaTMENT- I bought this as my hair has been insanely damaged from a bad bleach job two weeks ago( post will be up next week) and my hair NEEDED a leave in treatment. I got my sister to chose this one for my as she knew what features I needed and my price range. It cost me £7( something) for 75ml, for me I thought this was quite expensive but my hair was in no condition to argue and it is a lot cheaper than some of the leave in conditioners out there. This product contains 'jojoba oil' and claims to give 'extra muscle and strength' to weak and breaking hair. So far this product has defiantly lived up to its expectations but I will put a full review up when I have used it more.

Have you guys tried any of these products? If so did you like them and if not do you think you would try them out?

(Sorry the pictures are not as clear quality as I couldn't find my camera charger so had to use my phone.)

Also good luck to anyone who starts there GCSE'S this week I'm sure you will all do brilliantly, I start with French tomorrow, hence why blog posts have been scarce.

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