Nails | Monochromatic Dots and Stripes


Hi guys,

 If you have read my last blog post then you will know that I recently bought a new Black nail varnish and a white Nail art pen, so I thought id give them a test run on a monochromatic look which has been on trend for ages now!

To create the dot look on the nails I just dotted the nail art pen on to the nail in small lines leaving gaps between each dot. 
To give the nail a more interesting effect I decided to ombre the spots, I did this by starting with small dots and then gradually make them bigger as you move up to the tip of the nail. 
I also decided to make the nails more ambiguous by not just ombreing up so on some of the nails the large dots are in the middle getting smaller in each direction, but on some others I put the large dots at the base and some at the tips.

I created the stripes by first creating lines of dots across the nails.
Next I joined up the dots to make a straight line across the lines, To make the stripes not look so generic  make them different thicknesses.
 I also didn't create a clean line across the nail, this gives it more texture and not so 'perfect'.

Finish by adding your favourite topcoat to seal in your design and stop chipping.

I think this nail look is very Classy and can be worn for lots of different occasions, I also think that they look quite fun so tell me what you think below?

ps. Sorry for the green on my fingers, I took these photos after my last day of school which meant a lot of shirt signing hence the pen! What do you guys do when you finish school, Sign shirts, year books?

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