DIY | Tinted Moisturiser


Hi guys,
sorry I've been gone from the blogasphere for so long! What with work and revision I have been finding it increasingly hard to actually finish blog posts and get them uploaded so once again i'm sorry but fingers crossed when my exams are all finished I will be able to post a lot more frequently, YAAH.

DIY's are my favourite type of posts to read, even though most of the time I don't actually try the idea out. I just love the idea of having something that YOU have created to wear or use and because of this it doesn't matter if it is perfect as YOU have made it so in a way it has its own value of perfection.

So here I offer you this your very own DIY tinted moisturiser, I feel that most tinted moisturisers are the perfect face product for summer as they are light enough to not make your skin feel clogged up but also offer the perfect amount of coverage to save you from going out looking like a red faced cave troll, however I find that most of them are ridiculously over priced so by creating one you save your self money which can be better spent on items like lipstick-because who dosnt need more lipsticks in thier life?

1. Assemble your products that you will need, I use; two foundations, my normal colour and one slightly darker so that it will be the right colour when I tan; Your favourite moisturiser, Ideally I use Nivea as it is slightly thicker so it gives me more coverage in the final result; Highlighter, this is optional but in the summer I like to have a more dewy finish to the skin and highlighter gives that; A pot to put everything in, mine is just a travel pot from primark; Something to mix with, I would recommend using the end of a makeup brush.

2. Squirt some of the suncream into the pot, its up to you how much you use but think along the lines that the more you add the more sun protection it will offer you. You can also chose to skip this step as suncream doesn't photograph well and can give flashback on photos.

3. Add moisturiser till your pot is roughly 2/3rd's full.

4. Mix the suncream and moisturiser together using the end of a makeup brush to create a smooth consistency.

5. Add foundation, to start with I added 4 pumps (two of light foundation and two of dark.)

6. Mix well till there is no lumps. If you want to add highlighter do it in this step, I only added a small amount as I want to look dewy but not luminous.

7. Test your product on your hand, this will let you know if your product is of the right coverage and texture to your preference.

8. If it is not right at step 7 then add more foundation or moisturiser accordingly.If it is right fill up your pot in the same ratios that you added it to begin with.

Finally what I do is I make up my product at least two weeks before I'm going to need it as over the two weeks the consistency changes and becomes smoother to apply, I believe this is because my Nivea thickens again over the two weeks so this may not happen if your using a lighter moisturiser.

I hope that this post is useful to you guys. Please leave me a comment below on what face products you use in the summer and if you would try this DIY out!


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