Nails | Summer Sparkles


Hey guys,
Recently my nails have been really peeing me off! Every time I paint them they chip straight away and then I have to either have scabby nails or just re-paint them and that requires so much more effort than I am willing to give . So I have come up with a New solution and That is Glitter, Glitter and Yes more Glitter.

By simply painting my nails in Layers of glitter I can easily mask chipping, it also takes virtually no time to do and the glitter is so pretty and reminds me of mermaids making it perfect for summer.

-To do this look simply paint your nails with around three coats of your favourite glitter nail varnish I prefer the ones that have chunky glitter in them as they are extra sassy and finish by sealing your design with your favourite topcoat! If you want to make the nail look even more spectacular simply paint the nail with one coat of a plain glitter nail varnish first to make it even more of a glitter fiesta on your nails.

Will you be trying this look out this summer?


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