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Hi guys,
Im back today With an other Nail art post, these nails are my take on a summer aztec design with the pastel base and the line design which gives it that aztec feel which I have been seeing everywhere over the last two years, on bags, leggings and most importantly nails.

What you will need:
Pastel Nail varnish colours
A white Nail varnish with a dotting tool or if you don't own one of these use anything with a point e.g. a cocktail stick or a bobby pin/ A Nail art pen in white.
A top coat.

How to:
1. Paint your nails with pastel colours in which every variations that you like, depending on the polishes you are using you may want to use more than one one coat.
2. Wait till you nails are completely dry.
3. using your dotting tool or nail art pen start to make small line patterns going over your nails. To get the best results try and be ambiguous with your design and use a mix of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to give it that aztec feel.
If you are not confident you colour draw nail shapes on paper and try out variations of designs before starting out to see what looks good or not so good; also try and use finer lines like on the yellow nail (in my case) as it looks better than for instance the thicker lines on my middle nail.
4. Seal your design with a Top coat to protect it and give your nails a shiny finish.

I hope you liked this nail look and it wasn't to hard to follow!
Please tell me if you would try out this look, I would rate it a difficulty of 3/5 as it is easy to do on one hand but I didn't even attempt to try it on my right!

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