Nails | Prom


Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to share a nail look with you all that I did for my Prom on friday! I got a lot of compliments on it but it is actually really easy to re-create so here it is.

what you will need
Step one: Paint all your nails in two coats of a nail varnish that matches your prom dress, my dress was midnight blue so I just opted for this Barry M nail varnish in Navy

Step two- Paint your nails with one coat of a thin glitter polish, preferably in a colour that corresponds well with your base colour.

Step three- Paint a sloping curve on to your nail with dots, for this I used the Barry M nail pen in white.

Step four- fill in this section with more dots.

Step five- Seal in your design with a Topcoat to protect your Nails and give them a gorgeous shine!

Im sorry for not Posting much last month but in going to try and get back to posting on a regular she dual soon, thank you all for staying with me in my absence. What did you all get up to last month?
Would you wear this Nail look?

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