Review | Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Cream


Hi Guys,
If you watch my youtube videos (available here) then you will know that I have not stopped raving about this product recently.
I got this product as Herbal Essences products have always seemed to work for me and if this didn't then its not like I was throwing loads of money down the drain as I got this on half price for £2.15 in Tesco. I first saw about this new range of products after watching way too much MTV, I have phases, and it seemed to always be on the adverts, and I was drawn to these products by the hair mask as I don't own any and it looked like a good purchase, however neither boots or Tesco had the Hair mask so I decided to try the Leave In conditioner instead and Boy I'm glad I did.

This Product is by far the best thing I have used on my hair in a long time, I have corse dull hair and this is the only product that actually has made a visual difference to the shininess of my hair.
This product is also great as it still mades your hair feel soft and smooth the day after first applying it, which is a plus as it means you can save product by not having to constantly re-apply.

Another feature that mades this Leave In conditioner SO perfect is the heavenly scent of the Honey and Apricot; I use three different products when washing my hair and the overall mixture of scents just doesn't give a lovely blend of scent however the scent of this product overpowers all of these and leaves my hair actually smelling nice which is defiantly a positive for me.
I also like that this product Is a spray as it mades it quick and easy to apply and disperses more easily across my hair.

The only con of this product for me is that it needs to be applied when your hair is still wet which can get annoying when you just want to give your hair that mid week moisture surge, however overall the pros by far out way this con and I would definatly buy this product again.

Overall I would give this product 4.5 out of 5!

Do you use leave in conditioners? What product do you swear by to keep it healthy and hydrated? Leave your answer in the comments below.


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