Top 5 Favourites of June


Hi Guys,
unless you are a new member to the beauty community, if so welcome, then you will know that at the end of every month we make posts or videos all about the products, clothing, films, music etc. that we have been loving that month; I have just decided to venture in to this area of the community and wanted to put my own twist on the way that I do these posts, so what I have decided to do is every month I will make a Video on only the Top 5 items that I have been loving that month and by doing so I hope to make a more accurate response to the items I have loved and be able to work out from that which products are my priorities and what are not. I didn't do it this month but from July I will also be ranking the 5 products so you can see what I have been loving the most, I hope this video is helpful and enjoyable!

What have been your favourites of June? Have you tried any of these products and if so did they work for you?
As always I love to read and respond to your comments so please keep them posted below.

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