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Hi Guys,
I will always be the first person to admit that I have an addiction and that is shopping! As a kid I was always the type of person who would save up all of my pocket money and then just go and put it in my bank, however nowadays my money likes to be free, it likes to make new friends and by that I'm talking about all the other money it gets to meet in shop tills.
Even when I have no money or so many clothes that I can't get it all to fit in my draws (resulting in my constant floordrobe ) i'm still online everyday checking out the Topshop website to see what new goodies they have in for me to add to my forever mounting collection, and as I don't have the money to buy all theses beauties I thought I would just share my recent loves with you so we can all desire together what we can't have.

Jacket: I love this jacket as it is the perfect outerwear piece for this upcoming Autumn, it is light weight so it wont be bulky to carry and it will also protect you from all the English wind which always starts up around september time.To me the jacket gives off that Barbour looking air but it isn't wax like a Barbour jacket which I love because I don't like the smell of them whilst also being a fraction of the price of a Barbour. The Jacket is the perfect size to fit jumpers underneath to keep you super toasty but also has drawstrings around the waist so you can still have a figure rather than looking like a rectangle walking around. The jacket comes in three colours Black, Khaki and Navy (which is my favourite) and the lining has a really cute tartan print on it which is bang on trend for the upcoming months. As you can tell i'm in love with this jacket but am not sure if i'm willing to cough up the £60 that it would cost to own it!

Boots: Now I've not always been the biggest fan of chelsea boots but these ones are changing my mind. At the moment all the boots I own either have heels which are too high for regular walking around or are snowboots meaning that unless the pavement has 3ft of snow on it they are not coming out any time soon! These boots are 100% Leather and have a small heel which is very practical for daily use, the elastic sides will also mean that you don't have to waste time fiddling with zips or laces which is perfect for a person like me who only learnt to tie laces properly this year. For £45 I believe these shoes are very reasonably priced for Topshop shoes and they look like they will be very long lasting.

Cami: Recently I have been loving the flowing look of Cami's rather than the tightness of ordinary vest tops and will look great on flatter chested girls. I would pair this top with a pair of high waisted treggings to give the look more shape rather than avoid looking like a bean pole. I also love the slightly lower back and for £15 I would say this is a great staple item to buy and I know I would get a lot of use out of it if I did own it.

Jeans: MOM jeans seem to be everywhere at the moment and I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon by falling for these jeans. I think the reason why these are sooo popular at the moment is because they are different to the super skinny jeans which we have all been wearing for years now and are a blast from the past giving an outfit an instant 90's feel. In truth my dream pair would be from Levi as I do love labels but knowing I will never spend £100 pound on jeans these are the next best alternative and are a steal for only £40. I particularly love this pair of faded black ones as I have never owned black jeans and are more unique than standard blue ones.

I hope you have liked this post, I have not done something like this before and if you want me to do more focusing on different shops then please leave me comment below, and what is your opinion on these items? 

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