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Hi guys,
I feel like I start every post now with sorry for not blogging sooner but I have been busy! however in someways this is half of the truth as last week I was dog sitting for a friend while they were away, but I wasnt just looking after one dog as that would have been to easy I was looking after an managery, my friend has two goldfish, two rabbits, 5 chickens, and two table sized dogs! So as you can tell I was quite busy. The other half of the story is stemming from the fact that I believe I have a slightly addictive personality so as I have finally started to watch supernatural I haven't stopped.

However enough about me and on to the real subject of this post, which is better the high end or the drug store eye makeup remover? Specifically the clinique rinse-off eye makeup solvent Vs. the Simple kind to eyes eye make up remover. 

Clinique claims:
Eye makeup solvent for quick removal or quick change. Leaves no oily residue so fresh makeup adheres immediately. To use: saturate cotton ball, sweep eye area, tissue off. rinse well wi†h cool water.’

The product also won in the 2012 cosmopolitan makeup awards

My opinion:
The product does allow quick and full removal of makeup, especially when you have used heavy eyeliner or mascara which can be hard to completely remove. If you don’ rinse the remover it does leave a residue on the skin so I don’t feel you can quickly change your makeup after using it. You don’t need to fully saturate the cotton ball as this wastes product and i find if it is to damp then it causes irritation to the eye. The product lasts a long time meaning you don’t have to keep re-purchasing which can become expensive as it is £17 for 125ml.

Simple claims:
'Our Eye Makeup Remover is the perfect blend of multi-vitamins and gentle cleansers to effectively remove even waterproof mascara. Perfect for even sensitive skin. For best results... Apply to cotton wool and wipe gently around the eye with out rubbing.'

My opinion:
The product does remove makeup better than a wipe would however It doesn't remove it as effectively as the Cinique one as quickly. I haven't had the opportunity to use it to remove waterproof products so I cant comment on that. The product hasn't caused me to break out so it should be suitable for people with sensitive skin like it claims. The product dose what is says it will do for £3.39 per 125ml which is a lot cheaper than the Clinique one.
My only real problem with the product is that the lid makes it hard to get the right amount of product on the cotton pad however this is only a minor flaw on the part of packaging not the actual product.

So who won?

Overall I believe that Clinique is the better product but not by much so unless you have extra money to spend I would say don't bother with it and save your self some money by getting the simple one.

I hope you found this review helpful! Please let me know if you like these

comparative types of posts or if you prefer the reviews that I normally do.

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