Ghost Hair and Makeup for Halloween


Hi guys, so its that time of year again, the time where you can find pumkins anywhere and the supermarkets are full of fake blood and cobwebs! Well to get into the Halloween spirit as im not actually doing anything for it i have created a Ghost look for you to maybe give you an idea of what to be for Halloween this year. When looking around other blogs and youtube videos I found hardly any Ghost looks so decided to jump in for the idea as it seems like something so good that no one seems to be doing!

My take of a Ghost is slightly Victorian inspired with the big updo hair but also slighly taken from supernaturals take on Vengful spirits, and if something can relate back to SPN then its good with me.
The main features of this look are the white face, big bold running makeup and the dusty hair, and if you want to know how i created it I will embed the video below :)

Are you doing anything for Halloween? Would you try this look?

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