Easy 10 minute meal


Ive been umming and aweing over wether I should write this post or not as its not the.  Type of thing I usually post about however I've decided to do it so i can share this dish with you as it's my favourite and is soo easy!

The dish is salmon pasta, now hold your horses I know it may sound weird but just bear with me because its great. Essentially what it is it pasta with smoked salmon and a creamy lemon sauce. 

Step one: cook your pasta by following its cooking instructions, I prefer to use either tagletelli, spaghetti or linguine. 

Step two: add two tablespoons of creme freshe and add to a frying pan on a low heat. 

Step three: add 1/4 to a 1/2 of the juice of a small lemon (depending on how strong you want your sauce to be) to your frying pan. 

Step five: prepare you salmon, I like to cook half and leave half how itis so that you get different textures. To cook my salmon I simply add half to my sauce when my pasta only has 3 minutes left.

Step six: when the pasta is done drain it and put it in your bowl with a small amount of olive oil' toss pasta in oil to help it seperate and taste beautiful.

Step seven: add sauce and the rest of your salmon and then you are already to feast.

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