Happy 2014 and Why Ive been away


*Holds head in hands and apologises repeatedly for being a bad blogger*

Hi guys, so it is now 2014, wow that came around fast. As you have probably noticed I have been away from blogging for around two months. The reasons for this long hiatus are mainly based on the sheer volume of work I was getting from school, I am currently doing A-levels in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and History which means I get loads of work to do and I wasn't managing my time well which meant that when I did get free time I would normally spend it relaxing by watching TV. Which however fun watching all three seasons of Game Of Thrones was I didn't really help me blog at all. The other main reason for the lack of blogging was that I was going through some emotional problems which only a very small number of people knew about, I felt as if I had completely lost my self for a while which made it very hard to think about writing chirpy blog posts when not being happy myself. What I will say is that I have resolved some of the issues now and am ready to get back into the blogging swing, If you will have me?

Starting from next week, after my schools mock exams, I am going to try and write at least one blog post a week, Im also going to try and write a post in January on some of the problems that I was facing as I want to help anyone out there who was feeling like me.

I hope so far everyone is having a great 2014 and that It will turn out to be a fabulous year. I look forward to posting more, see ya guys xxx

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