An Ode to Bristol- Why its such a great place to live and visit


I am someone who has lived on the outskirts of Bristol my whole life but has only recently (in the last year or so) really started to love bristol as a place to live and visit. Having the choice of being able to visit Bath or Bristol when I was younger my preference always used to be Bath, and that was because as a young teen all I wanted to do was go shopping grab McDonalds for lunch and head home. The reason I now love Bristol is because it has so much to offer; and shouldn't be judged as a place to go shopping, which you can do in Cabbot and Broadmead, however it is so diverse that theres lots more to do if this isn't your cup of tea.

Park street and College green:
Near the bottom of Park street is college green which is a lovely place to take photos and just have a chill in in general; there are also a few good cafes that are nice to visit  and I prefer supporting independent cafes. At the top of park street you can go left and visit Brandon Tower for great views of Bristol, and a nice space to have a picnic in summer, or head right and visit the museum which has loads of different exhibits and is always a fun afternoon visit.
These photos are from a recent trip to Bristol with my parents where we also explored St. Nicholas Market (which has great street food) and Brandon Tower.

Shoe Tree by College Green
In a cafe on park street 

Street food and record hunting in St. Nicks Market
Living in/near Bristol you learn a lot in school about the S.S Great Britain (my aunt even got married on it) and the Clifton suspension Bridge. Visiting the Clifton observatory is something I've always wanted to do so this holiday back from uni I made my boyfriend George take me. At the observatory you can pay to go up in to the camera obscura and/or go down the tunnel to the giants cave, it's £4.00 if you want to do both or if you just fancy one £2.50. As it was raining when we visited we just decided to visit the cave.

To get to the cave you have to 'walk' through a 61m tunnel which is quite low ceilinged I just about managed to stand up for the whole way but George who is 6"4 had to hunch over and hit his head quite a few times. The tunnel opens up to a cave 27m below the top of the cliff. The visit was really fun and the cave has a viewing platform so you can see great views (and on a good day pictures) of the gorge and suspension bridge. The visit also has an unlimited time limit so you could bring a packed lunch to eat whilst you were down there.

Views of the bridge which is currently under work

Heres a link to the Observatory website so you can find out more information in case you want a visit:
I love visiting new places and finding new things to do near me, so if you liked this different type of post from me please leave a comment below so I know to write more like this in the future.

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