Product Review- Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream


I love the Nyx Soft matte Lipcreams and wanted to try one for a long time before I finally managed to get my hand on my first, Transylvania; which I managed to get as my sister was going on holiday to Florida and as Nyx is a US based brand I knew she'd be able to find it for me. Now however Boots have finally started to stock Nyx, cue lots of English beauty lovers celebrating.

The Nyx soft matte lip creams are just what they say on the tube, a cream product that when applied dries to a matte finish. I currently have three Istanbul, Antwerp and Transylvania. The shade range for this product is very extensive and I truly believe there's a colour for everyone, from the lightest of nudes to the dark reds and purples. Another thing I really love about these products is that they carry the cruelty-free bunny symbol which means they haven't been tested on animals.

I would describe this shade as a muted light pink, this is probably my least favourite shade purely for the reason that I don't normally wear light pink lip colours so it kind of scares me, but I want to wear it more, I just need to experiment with different makeup looks to find one that is complimentary to this shade. This shade applies really well and is very pigmented with just one coat of product.

This by far is my favourite shade just because it's so different to other colours that are available on the British highstreet, which always seems somewhat lacking in very dark shades. This is a dark purple almost black shade which can be built up to make it even darker. I love wearing this lip product as its such an eye catcher and people always mention it when I wear it; however unlike the other two shades I own this colour is slightly patchy and it can be hard to get an even colour across the whole lips which is a shame as the shade is so lovely.

This shade is a bright pink and is the perfect mix of orange and cool tones. Although this is bright it is still very wearable and the perfect go to colour for the current spring and upcoming summer season. Like Istanbul, this is also very pigmented and not at all patchy and if you would like to see the makeup I wear with this lip colour then check out my latest spring GRWM on my youtube channel.

In the UK these retail for £5.50 and contain 8ml of product which I believe is great value for money for what you are getting and I definitely want to buy more in the future. I hoped you found this blog post useful, leave me a comment down below if you own one of the Nyx soft matte lip creams or think you would like to buy one in the future.

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