Recipe- Brownies Fit for a Mad Hatters Tea Party


Since moving to University last September I have really missed baking so when I'm home I like to make the most of having a kitchen, as I'm in catered halls and although I have a kitchenette there is no oven. So the holidays are my time to make myself and family some yummy treats to eat. Todays post is a recipe on how to make these really tasty brownies and people seem to really like them whenever I make them so I thought I'd share them with you in case you wanted to try them out.

Finish by cutting into squares and dusting with a small amount of icing sugar.
They are perfect with a cup of tea or as a gift, I gave my boyfriend's family a batch as part of their Christmas present and they went down a storm.

 Personally, when following a recipe I love to have easy instructions with lots of photos so hopefully I have achieved this with these recipe posters.
If you liked this post or are thinking of making these brownies please leave a comment down below.
Izzy xx

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