Travel- The Scilly Isles, a beautiful place to visit


Sorry it's been a while since my last post, exam season has finally hit in all its horrid glory so my time has been spent revising *yawn*, however I finished my first exam today and have five more to go over the next three weeks so when they're all done I'll hopefully have lots more exciting content for you guys.
As I haven't had time to take any new photos I thought I'd write a travel piece on the Scilly Isles where I went on holiday last year as it's such a beautiful place that I don't think is talked about enough.
I went on holiday with my mum dad and grandad( the trip was especially for him as he and my grandma loved to visit it together). We stayed on St.Marys but visited most of the main islands (Tresco, St.Agnes and Bryher ) when we were there too.

St.Marys is the main island, it is where the ferry comes in, where the airport is and where most people who visit the islands tend to stay. Many people who visit the Island hire out golf buggies to get around but we were fine walking for the most part and occasionally getting the bus or a taxi. One of the main things to do on the island is the coastal walk around the island, we didn't do the whole walk but its such a beautiful place to visit and I highly recommend anyone visiting to take full advantage of the great outdoors and the scenery that the island has to offer. One of my main highlights of the trip was the hours horse trek me and my mum went on where we and two guides went over many different types of terrain including going in the sea which was a lot of fun. The stables were really good at finding a horse that was right for you, as although I used to ride I'm not the most confident rider but everyone at the stables made you feel really secure and it was a really lovely trip. A restaurant that I would recommend on the island is Juliet's Garden where they are famed for the Lobster, it is also a great spot to watch the Gig racing from if you can get a window seat although it does get busy so you will probably need to book.

St. Agnes:
One thing you will learn if you go to the Scilly isles is that boats are everything, and if you want to have a full day out on one of the islands you need to be up somewhat early to be down on the quay ready to get on a boat to your Chosen destination, which I personally don't mind as I actually love boats. St.Agnes was the first Island we visited other than st.Marys but my dad and grandad went on the boat trip to The Bishop rock, as it only runs when the weather's good and it didn't run for the rest of the week so if you want to do it and it's on go straight away. I and mum had a nice relaxed day walking around the island looking at some stained glass in one of the churches, eating really yummy ice cream and making mum take photos of me as I scrambled across all the rocks. We even dipped our toes in the sea which although it looks beautiful is absolutely freezing.

 Arguably one of the most beautiful and photogenic (can a place be photogenic?) of the islands purely down to the sub-tropical gardens which are a must-see if you are visiting the Scilly islands. We started the day by getting on the boat and arriving on the island in New Grimsey which is the high tide landing point and walking around the island to the Ruin Beach Cafe where we stopped for coffee before walking up to the gardens. The gardens are simply put just incredibly beautiful; if you are like me and you like walking around and taking places of scenery then you will love it! And there's simply so much to see from the old abbey to the Valhalla museum to the adorable red squirrel that lives by the bridge you cross when entering. Tresco was hands down my favourite island to visit and I just wish we had more time to explore the island fully and if I ever go back to the Scillies I'll definitely visit again.

Bryher was the last island we visited and it was my grandma's favourite island to visit. Bryher is the smallest of the inhabited islands and is only 1.5 miles long and half a mile wide so it's very easy to s and walk round the whole island in a few hours. We didn't do too much on the island, just walked around and saw the rock that looks like a nose, we had other plans for the afternoon so after lunch got the early boat home, I wish we'd had more time to explore a bit more time sat on the beach at the low tide landing point as the beach there was really pretty.

So if you're looking for an idyllic place with beautiful scenery to go on holiday then the Scillies might just be the place for you!
I hope you liked this post, have you ever been to the Scilly Isles? and if not would you ever want to go?

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